Keanu Reeves is just a dozen% Far-eastern have a white Mother

Keanu Reeves is just a dozen% Far-eastern have a white Mother

It once had social auctions where they will has 1/8 Octaroon ladies, have been phenotypically what is seniorpeoplemeet white, which have white epidermis, eco-friendly attention and you will purple tresses, and sell her or him once the gender slaves getting South guys

Your investment Turks. Ask yourself as to why possess WMAF failed to make just one a boy, even after being the most commonly known mixed coupling in the usa?

I’ve currently treated that Keanu Reeves and you will Dean Cain Tanaka aren’t Eurasian people. Each “successful” Eurasian son try a lie. While the simple fact that apologists need certainly to rest such, will be alone let you know some thing. Nonetheless it has arrived to my appeal, that we had been incorrect within the proclaiming that Keanu is actually 1/4 Western. Indeed the East Asian portion of their blood, their Chinese front side is just step one/8 otherwise 12.5%. Brand new Chinese taint inside Keanu was a mere several%. View your own Eurasian Messiah. The Neo.

Simply because the brand new racial-sexual situations which go to the WMAF, make sure that the Eurasian kid can never amount to something

The fresh new propagandists has actually followed new classes of its learn Goebbels and you can recite the fresh lay one to Keanu is actually Eurasian more than once. Read more